Here are the post COVID studio guidelines for health and safety when recording a session at Roar Audio. Please be guided accordingly. 

  1. All staff, talents, and clients will be required to use a foot bath at the entrance and will be subject to a mandatory temperature check. 

  2. Clients and staff who exhibit feverish symptoms, have shortness of breath,  or who are generally not feeling well are discouraged to proceed to work or attend recording sessions. Anyone with a temperature of 37.5 (even after being able to rest & isolated for 5 minutes) will not be allowed in the studio.  

  3. All bags and accessories should be wiped down at the entrance. A station will be provided. Staff and guests will be responsible for wiping down their own bags and accessories. You may be asked to be body-sprayed with an alcohol-based disinfectant.  

  4. All guests will be required to fill up a visitor’s checklist in accordance with DOLE recommendations that includes, name, residence address, recent travel history, among others. 

  5. Face masks are mandatory when in the studio. Clients may be provided a disposable surgical mask upon request.

  6. Before proceeding to the studio or lounge, everyone must wash their hands and forearms with soap and water.

  7. All Roar Audio Staff are required to use the 9th Studios entrance. All Roar Audio Staff are required to proceed directly to the bathrooms, wash their hands/ disinfect and must change from their street clothes to a fresh set of work clothes. 

  8. Alcohol stations are strategically placed around the studio and we enjoin everyone to regularly disinfect or wash their hands while in the studio. 

  9. Face masks must be worn at all times except when in the booth for recording. 

  10. Only one person at a time is allowed in the booth. After each talent, the booth will be wiped down paying special attention to headphones, headphone pre amps, music stands, pop-filter, and microphones used in the session. 

  11. Audio engineers are required to wear N95 mask during sessions even if only the talent is in the studio or at the booth.

  12. A maximum of 2 people may join the audio engineer during the session. If a producer/s is present in the control booth, he or she is required to use a face mask and observe social distancing at all times. 

  13. There will be a minimum of 30 mins air purification of the studio after each singer or talent. 

  14. To promote proper ventilation, windows at the lounge will be open to allow fresh air, when guests are at the studio. 

  15. Meals will only be allowed at the lounge. However, social distancing will be observed at all times, and fresh air will be allowed into the room. There will be no more than 5 people at a time at the lounge area of Roar Audio. 

  16. Producers will be enjoined to remotely attend the session via webcam and a direct audio link up to ensure quality remote monitoring of the session. Session video links will be created at the time of booking. 

  17. A safety protocol officer will be assigned by Roar audio to implement these guidelines. The officer will be authorized to remove from the premises anyone who wilfully and consistently violates safety protocols of the studio.

  18. Staff and talents who repeatedly violate safety guidelines may face disciplinary action from management that may include, but is not limited to, monetary fines and suspension.

  19. Studio health & safety guidelines will be reviewed every two weeks to ensure that these are in keeping with government mandatories as well as the on-site realities of operations. 

  20. Any BTS shoots must be coordinated in advance. Under no circumstances will camera men or other production personnel be allowed in the booth with the talent without a prior pre production meeting with Roar Audio management. Safety protocols will be discussed and agreed to before the session. 

We at Roar Audio would like to keep the creative experience as collaborative and as safe as possible. Your kind cooperation for everyone's health and safety is key to achieving this goal.